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Jika aku ini perempuan

Macam lain macam je entri ini. okay ! aku nak jelaskan yek yang penulis blog ini seorang lelaki, ye l e l a k i . aku bukan maknyah ataupun jenis lem lem lemah gemalai. kalau tak caya sila pergi ke pfo5 facebook aku.
entri ini cerita pasal apa? sememangnya aku memang takda mood langsung nak menaip blog pada waktu sekarang . cuma aku tertarik dengan lagu cover davedays ini "if i were a girl" korang baca je lah kat bawah.

If I were a girl, 
even just for a day
I'd roll out of bed in the morning
and wonder what just happened to me
Oh no don't tell me they're real
Yeah I think they're real
Something else is missing
Where the hecks my PEN15!
If I were a girl,
would I still look like a guy?
No I wont put on make up,
but I might just want to give that bra a try.
If I were a girl 
I could mess with the guys
No, no not like that I mean
When we get a nice dinner I'll make sure they buy
I could seduce them
Show them my nice behind
Yo Zach check out that a... oh my god
I got you, You totally like guys
If I were a girl,
I'd have the nicest legs
I refuse to cook in the kitchen but 
I'm pretty dang good with the microwave
If I were a girl,
please don't get mad if I'm mean
I'm not used to my body 
this monthly thing is kinda new to me.
No I don't really know if I want to change back,
Because I like my new hair 
and the guys love my my my my my
FACE what?
Oh if I were a girl (oh if i were a girl)
I don't think I'd ever understand (i don't think i could understand)
How it feels to be a girl,
God please change me back to a man
If I were a girl

p/s: kalau ada masa aku akan ulas post ini

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Namee Roslan said...[Reply to comment]

ahahahha.ey tapi jd perempuan kena beranak ! sakit woooo... :D

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